Competitively Priced Feature Packed Conservatories
Add a new dimension of space and freedom to your life with a new conservatory. Today’s conservatories blend timeless beauty and elegance with modern technology to make them a focal point in your home. Superb for entertaining or relaxing a well planned conservatory will bring your endless enjoyment in all seasons. Safety, security and energy efficiency are incorporated into each conservatory design.

What to consider to fulfill your wishes perfectly
Conservatories can be used in all seasons for relaxing, dining, studying, growing plants and admiring the garden. They come in many shapes and sizes, a bright way to create more space in your home. The conservatory, invariably becomes the favourite room in a house, so think carefully about size, as most people wish for more space after they have lived in it.

Location, Location, Location
South facing - Gets the sun all year round but needs ventilation and shade from the summer sun.
West facing - Good sunlight particularly on summer afternoons and evenings plants thrive on indirect light in the summer.
East facing - Cheerful early morning sun makes an ideal breakfast room.
North facing - Without direct sunlight for about three months in the winter it needs more efficient heating and insulation.

Glass Roofs

The conservatory is intended as an extremely practical and useful space. However, to many customers with a polycarbonate roof, the conservatory is no more than a summer facility.

More often than not, the conservatory is intended to be an integral part of the house (often a dining room or lounge extension). The only practical option is a glass roof. Evolution Glass Roof offers:

Solar Control (optional extra)
Introducing Solar Control Blue Glass helps keep internal temperature cool whilst still maintaining excellent light transmission.

Self Cleaning
Using UV light and rain to actively break down dirt so your windows stay cleaner longer.

Heat Reflecting
Low emissivity glass has been developed for the inside of the pane to reflect heat back into the room.

Noise Reduction
Using glass as opposed to polycarbonate roofing material, the noise from rainfall is alleviated.

Polycarbonate Roofs
   Polycarbonate offers a choice of shading options with colour and a degree of insulation. A cost effective roofing product due to weight and ease of installation.